Dual occupancy is a type of residential development that allows two separate dwellings to be built on subdivided land that was formerly one block. This can be done in a few different ways – but essentially you can build one behind the other or you can build them side by side. At Sienna Homes, we offer both styles of home designs.

Design Options

Attached dual occupancy/Side by Side/ Duplex

Attached dual occupancy is when two dwellings are built on separate titles of land but are built abutting each other along a common wall. These are preferred by clients who prefer both homes to face the street. Internally, these homes are working with a long narrow footprint and depending on the width of the block, one or both of the homes may have a single car garage. This type of dual occupancy is often referred to as a duplex or a townhouse.

Detached dual Occupancy/ front and back

Detached dual occupancy is when the block is subdivided and two dwellings are built that are not connected. Often this is done with one home built facing the street and one located behind with a long driveway forming part of their allotment. These homes tend to be more square in design and as a lot of space has to be provided for the rear driveway, these homes generally need to be smaller than a duplex on the same lot size.
Another variation of this is on a corner where separate dwellings may face each of the street fronts.

Deciding on what configuration is right for you

The decision to do a front or bank or duplex build is largely down to 3 factors:
● Your personal preference
● Your existing allotment size and shape
● Your local council’s preferences

Personal Preference

Your motivation for doing a dual occupancy build will naturally influence your decision. There are a host of factors to consider from what would you prefer to live in, what sells better in your local area, what achieves a higher rental return? Is the property on a busy road? At this point it may also be advisable to speak with a real estate agent about market preferences.

Your existing allotment size and shape

Your allotment may be better suited to a particular style of dual occupancy build. This may be because of a rear or side easement, fall across your block or the block isn’t deep enough to house a front and back build.

Your local council’s preferences

All dual occupancy builds need to go through a town planning process with the appropriate local council. Local councils generally have a set of rules around what kind of outcomes they allow in their municipalities. Some councils have preferences for duplex-style dual occupancies whilst other councils prefer front and back. Your Sienna Homes New Home Consultant can advise you on your local council preferences.
If you are still not sure which type of property is right for you, it talk to your Sienna Homes New Home Consultant about the outcomes you would like to achieve.

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