The 2022 update to the National Construction Code (NCC) sees the introduction of a range of new design requirements. The changes will help increase the number of homes that are adaptable and better able to meet the needs of older people and people with mobility limitations.

This is an important step to support housing choice, ageing in place and reduce the costs associated with future housing adaptations as individuals needs change over time.

The changes will come into effect in October 2023 and will influence the design of your home and its inclusions. Here is some helpful information to guide you through the process.

What are the new liveability standards?

The requirements include things like a step-free threshold, wider passageways and doors, greater clearances around toilets and doors and plywood hidden in walls for future grab rails to be installed if required.

Will I notice a difference?

Hallways may be wider and doors will be wider. Some toilets and bathrooms will seem overly large with doors swinging outwards rather than inwards to allow for greater clearances.

Will this add cost to my build?

The larger doors and wet areas as well as the plywood in the walls will add some cost.

What about double-storey homes?

Double-storey homes are also required to include the above-mentioned elements. There is no requirement to provide wheelchair access to the second storey.

Would you like to know more?

You can contact our NCC 2022 specialist via email [email protected]

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