In recent years, helping those less fortunate has become a growing passion for Sienna Homes. For this reason we have become actively involved in a number of social housing projects.Together with Wayss and The Peter & Lyndy White Foundation, we created Built For Good – an initiative to provide medium to long term housing for women and children who have experienced family violence and are faced with homelessness.

In 2019, Built For Good embarked on the Main Street Project, a series of 10 townhomes built for the purpose of providing safe and secure transitional accommodation for women and children in need. We were honoured to facilitate the construction of these homes.  Each two, three, and four bedroom home is within walking distance of local schools, services and public transport, as well as a health centre, community centre and recreational facilities.

With the support of specialist workers on site and development programs provided by Wayss and Windermere, each family is afforded the security, stability and support they need to rebuild their lives and eventually move on to live independently of on site support services. In addition to this great initiative, we are also proud to support the Victorian Homeless Fund (VHF), a charity that brings together members of the building industry, philanthropic groups, support services and state and local government to source vacant land and build accommodation for people facing homelessness, as well as The Big Build by Wayss, a charity that aims to increase housing stock, expand tenancy support programs to low-income earners in private rental properties and implement early intervention services for young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.  Through our association with VHF, we are excited to announce that we will be building a home in Melbourne’s south-east for a family in need later this year.

We are looking forward to commencing works on this home, which will be a safe haven and a fresh start for a family that has experienced the horrors of family violence.Housing ends homelessness and we believe in doing our bit to help reduce the level of homelessness in our state. These worthy projects are just some of many social housing projects we are involved in. We intend to continue to advocate for families who desperately need safe and reliable accommodation and actively seek out new opportunities to provide purpose-built housing for them in the years to come.

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