Block Size: 928 sqm
Initial Purchase: Feb 20



Sienna Homes has never shied away from a challenge, and the Vermont Display project was no exception. This build presented unique constraints: restricted access from Canterbury Rd, protected trees complicating entry along the side street, and a bustling road frontage. The project demanded a creative approach to harness the site’s full potential, particularly since it didn’t naturally lend itself to dual occupancy.

Overcoming Design Constraints

The project’s initial phase required strategic planning, chiefly around access limitations. The solution was a departure from typical dual occupancy layouts, opting for a single entry point instead. This decision maximized the available space and protected the large Pin Oak trees lining the side street.

We identified suitable floorplans from our portfolio of existing designs, customizing them to suit the block’s characteristics. The designs underwent significant alterations like relocating garage positions and reconfiguring openings to meet the demands of the site.

Addressing Aesthetic and Functional Requirements

The project’s corner positioning necessitated that the home closest to Canterbury Rd address both street fronts through additional articulation. This adjustment impacted the master bedroom design and even ushered in unexpected features like a window to the walk-in pantry. More than a stylistic choice, these modifications ensured compliance with local council guidelines, as well as contributing to the streetscape’s visual interest and vibrancy.

From a Sienna perspective, we felt that privacy was paramount, given the proximity to Canterbury Rd. Living zones were strategically placed away from the busy frontage, fostering a sense of retreat and tranquility within the urban bustle. This reorientation didn’t compromise the homes’ inviting aesthetic, maintaining a harmonious balance between private and public spaces.

Coordinated Compliance and Reporting

With builds of this nature, there are many elements and expert reporting required for town planning. A traffic reports ensured safe and convenient site access despite the busy surroundings, while the arborist report protected the local tree canopy. Furthermore, Sienna Homes orchestrated the landscaping design for town planning, ensuring the new homes would nestle seamlessly into their natural environment, enhancing the locale’s overall appeal.

Investment Return

The home site was purchased for $1.29 million. Current value is $1.5m – $1.7m per property (as of October 2023)

The Outcome:

The Vermont Display build stands as a testament to Sienna Homes’ commitment to design outcomes that maximise liveability whilst respecting and responding to the challenges of the build location.

By transforming constraints into creative opportunities, Sienna Homes not only delivered on the project’s complex demands but also brought to life two homes that resonate with comfort, beauty, and practicality.

The homes, 28 and 29sq floorplans both include 4 bedrooms, two living spaces and a double garage. Ample space for the modern family.

Furthermore, for the investor, this model offers the owner multiple options, sell both, live in one, earn a rental return on one or both, and the flexibility to change this strategy over time.

It provides the unique advantage of being able to sell one property while retaining the other as a continued source of rental income, providing both immediate capital return and a sustained earning avenue. This dual-pathway benefit makes it a compelling financial venture, balancing immediate returns with long-term investment security.

For more information about dual occupancy take a look at our process and range here



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