Whether you’ve outgrown your current home or you’re just looking for a change of four walls without moving location, a Knock Down Rebuild is worth considering.

Knocking down and rebuilding has become an increasingly popular alternative to a messy renovation or upping sticks completely, and with good reason. It’s an affordable solution to living in your dream home for those already in an area they love.

You’re probably fond of your local coffee shop, your neighbours and your street, but your house might not be meeting your needs. Maybe you just need that extra bit of space or would prefer a more modern feel. A Knock Down Rebuild could be for you.

Here are our top 5 reasons to consider a Knock Down Rebuild.

Save money

Lots of people are surprised to learn that, when compared to renovating or moving house, a Knock Down Rebuild can be the most affordable option.

It’s often hard to determine the final cost of renovations during the design stage, which means that they are well known for running over time and inevitably, over budget. With a Knock Down Rebuild, homeowners get a lot more certainty around the project because the budget is easier to predict.

Modern upgrades

Brand new homes, when designed well, are made for our modern way of living. That means open-plan living spaces, wide benchtops and custom-designed storage solutions.

Then there’s energy efficiency. Energy efficient features not only decrease your carbon footprint, they can also slash your power costs and add extra value to your home.

When you complete a Knock Down Rebuild with Sienna Homes, you can pick which sustainable features you want and need to maximise natural light, optimise winter sun and future proof your home from the inside out. 

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Knock Down Rebuild

Made your way

Whether you choose to renovate your current space or move into a completely new home, you’ll no doubt have to compromise. Renovations mean working around existing structures and moving into a ready-built home has obvious limitations.

Perhaps you are after a downstairs master suite or a large walk in pantry that links to your garage, a Knock Down Rebuild lets you do that with ease.

With a Knock Down Rebuild, Sienna Homes brings your specific home dreams and aspirations to life. We have a curated range of designs to choose from and give every customer the flexibility to make changes and add any extra elements they desire.

Stay in your area

For families with children, moving to a new area can be disruptive to say the least. There’s finding new schools, making new friends and having to locate new amenities in an unfamiliar neighbourhood.

With a Knock Down Rebuild you can get the best of both worlds – staying in a community you love but living in the house of your dreams.

Premium inclusions

A Sienna Homes Knock Down Rebuild comes with an impressive range of premium inclusions from well known and trusted brands. Things like your choice of contemporary façade, double glazed windows, high quality flooring, Electrolux appliances, reconstituted stone kitchen and bathroom benchtops and stylish tapware are just some of the superior inclusions on offer.

We also provide free Knock Down Rebuild site appraisals, colour browse sessions at our colour studio and a design tailoring service. For ultimate peace of mind, every Sienna Homes Knock Down Rebuild customer gets an appointed Project Coordinator and Site Supervisor to manage the works and provide progress updates as your new home moves from pre-construction to construction right through to completion.

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to start your Knock Down Rebuild journey, contact us and get all of your Knock Down Rebuild questions answered. We can start with a simple desktop review of your block to determine what we can create for you, and then start making your dream a reality.