Whether you’re knocking down your property to make way for a Knock Down Rebuild to achieve the home of your dreams, or undertaking a Dual Occupancy project for investment purposes, there are certain things you need to consider before you get started. 

So, what do you need to know before demolishing your property to make way for a new build?

Consider whether your block is suitable

It goes without saying that, if you’re planning to demolish your property, you should first ensure your block is suitable for what you plan to do with it. 

Whilst demolition can take as little as a few days, you need to plan well in advance of the bulldozer arriving on-site. That’s why, at Sienna Homes, we offer a no obligation, free site appraisal to help you determine:

  • Whether your block is suitable for the build you have in mind
  • Which of our home designs are best suited to your block
  • If there are any conditions such as easements, overlays or covenants that apply to your block
  • Your projects overall feasibility  

Once these factors have been assessed, we can provide an initial sales estimate so you can also ensure the build will be affordable and profitable for you. 

Don’t forget TownPlanning requirements

Depending on your blocks characteristics, your municipality and your build intent, you may or may not require a TownPlanning permit. 

It’s important to know what your Townplanning requirements are, as they may affect what you can build, overall costs and timeframe.

At Sienna Homes, we manage the TownPlanning applications and approvals process on your behalf.  The Sienna Homes team are extremely experienced in TownPlanning, and well equipped to ensure your application is submitted with the best chance of approval as quickly as possible. 

Choosing the right demolition contractor

Although Sienna Homes can advise you on the steps required to complete your demolition, we aren’t a demolition company. We can, however, provide you with a list of reputable demolition companies that have been used and recommended by other clients and achieved optimal results. You will then be required to contact one of these companies and arrange demolition with them directly. 

Your chosen demolition company should have extensive experience completing demolition projects with positive testimonials to back up their work. You also need to check how inclusive their service and quote is. Do they arrange traffic control if needed? Do they remove shrubs and trees if necessary? Asking the right questions early on can save you time and money down the track. 

When it comes to costs, accessibility, house size, house type and hazardous materials can have a big impact on demolition costs. In our experience, demolition costs can range from $12,000 to $40,000. 

Other things to be aware of

Aside from the legal requirements of completing demolition such as obtaining a demolition permit which is arranged by your demolition contractor, there are some other important things to consider:

  • Service abolishment. You may need to arrange abolishment of services to your property, such as gas and electricity, prior to demolition. Your demolition company and Sienna Home project coordinator will guide you on this. 
  • Tree removal or protection. If you have existing trees on your block, you must determine whether they are to be removed or remain. If they are to remain, tree protection may be required for the duration of demolition and construction. 
  • Keep your neighbours informed. You may be living at this address in the future, so courteously keeping your neighbours in the loop will ensure a smooth process with minimal complaints from start to finish.

What’s next?

Once your existing home has been demolished and a building permit obtained, construction of your new home/s can begin. Your Sienna Homes project coordinator and site supervisor will provide regular progress updates throughout the build, and before you know it, you’ll be holding the keys to your brand new home.

Now that you have all of the information you need to undertake demolition, why not talk to our experienced and knowledgeable team? No matter your aspirations and budget, we’d love to get you started on your new build journey. Get in touch today.